What is Beta?

Beta 2020 (Timișoara Architecture Biennial) is a cultural project of the Romanian Order of Architects – Timiș Territorial Branch, organized by a dedicated team. Beta 2020 is currently on its 3rd edition, following the 2018 and 2016 editions, respectively the 9 annual events that occurred before them. Since last year, Beta is OAR’s priority project and the main architecture event in western Romania, with an euroregional influence, being in collaboration with some neighboring countries – Serbia and Hungary.

What do we do?

Beta reflects our determination, as a team and as a professional organization, to change the way people understand and appreciate the built environment, with the final goal of improving the processes by which we build our cities.

In general terms, Beta consists of two structuring levels: an identity level that is linked with the general theme of each biennial edition, and a second structuring level being in relation with the biennial main objectives, the categories Education, Profession, City.

Beta 2020 addresses the theme of responsibility that each of us has towards the present and future built and yet unbuilt environment.

We want Beta to become one of the platforms that articulates the position of architecture and architects towards one of the fundamental problems the contemporary society is facing.

During the biennial (September 25th – October 25th) we will gather more than 40 events, in different types of formats: conferences, exhibitions, workshops, debates, film screenings, installations, guided tours.

What we aspire to, is an architecture of action defined by the desire to be proactive, to collaborate, to communicate and to connect. And eventually, to understand the complete and extensive map of the built environment. We want to promote the interaction among different entities, before discussing definite interventions. We suggest a dialogue instead of declarations, collaboration instead of isolation, processes instead of punctual events.

How do we finance ourselves?

For each edition of the biennial, Beta team applies for financing from local and national funds dedicated to cultural events, while at the same time we seek support from different sponsors. This year’s budget was covered in approximate percentage by: the Romanian Order of Architects through the Architecture Stamp – 60%, The City Hall of the Municipality of Timișoara through the Culture House of the Municipality of Timișoara – 31%, AFCN – 6%, sponsors 3%.