In the Photography, category, we are looking for series of four images that manage to treat, through a critical observation, the theme of this year's biennial cover me softly.

In the three editions held between 2015-2017, the Octavian Radu Topai Award (PORT) aimed to pay homage to the young architect and to question aspects of modern and contemporary Romanian architecture. Octavian Radu Topai was a young architect and photographer who died in 2014 in a tragic mountain accident. Starting with the Beta 2020 edition of the Competition Exhibition, the Photography category has been introduced in his memory. We want to integrate also this year, in Beta 2024, the category dedicated to architectural photography, which will be open to Romania, Hungary and Serbia.


Useful information for registration

What types of photos can be registered?

In this category, photographic series of four images with a critical observation on architecture, or art concerning the theme of this year's biennial - cover me softly. can be entered.

Who can submit photos in this category?

This category is open to professional or amateur photographers who have their permanent residence in Romania, Hungary, or Serbia or have graduated from a university in one of the three countries.

Before you start the Beta Awards application process, we recommend reading the rules and application guide carefully.

To register for the Beta Awards you will need to:

  • complete the entry form for the Photography category. Please prepare in advance all necessary data and materials for submission. In the application guide, you will find all the essential documents to prepare your materials in advance.
  • prepare your exhibition panel according to the layout for the category Photography - Layout_02_PHOTOGRAPHY. This will be uploaded to the application form in Jpeg, jpg, or png format, with a resolution between 150 and 300 dpi, and a maximum size of 20 MB. For this category, your exhibition panel should contain four images that are part of a series and critically address this year's biennial theme, cover me softly.
  • prepare images for the website. You will need to upload your panel images separately to the entry form, and they will appear on your project page. It should not exceed 1.5 MB/image.

The Photography category has been included in the Beta Awards (formerly the Beta competition) since 2020.