Beta articulates a series of actions, projects, events and exhibitions around three pillars: Education, Profession and City. What we propose is an architecture of action, defined by the desire to be proactive, to collaborate, to enter into dialogue and to relate - thus to understand the complete and complex map of the built environment.

Beta Awards 2024 is the main event of the Profession pillar, which supports and promotes quality architecture and professionals who contribute to the improvement of the built environment, and is conceived as a networking interface both within the profession and between the profession and the socio-cultural environment in which it operates.

The Beta Awards will be held from June to October 2024 and will have a Euro-regional character by opening the competition to Romania, Hungary and Serbia.

Organising the competition in this format is based on the similarities of context in the three neighbouring countries, encouraging participation on a wider scale and thus contributing to the development of a multilateral dialogue about the future of the profession.


Participants can submit works made in the last two years (completed projects/proposals/projects interpreting the role of architecture, including essays or photography addressing the general theme of the biennial - cover me softly) in the following competition categories: