In the Text category, we want to celebrate and promote architectural texts and their authors.

This year, texts that question, and have a theoretical and critical discourse around the theme of the current edition cover me softly can be submitted.

The Text category of the Beta Awards invites participants to analyse theoretical and critical discourses on architecture concerning the theme of the Biennale. This category focuses on the power of the written word to explore and debate architectural concepts, historical perspectives, and ideas for the future. The architectural text plays a crucial role in articulating and disseminating professional thinking and practice, serving as a bridge between the abstract and the tangible.

The Text helps contextualize and criticise the built environment, influencing our understanding of the architectural practice. It encourages a deeper engagement with architectural values and the social roles that the built environment plays, providing a reflective perspective on the impact of architecture, both as an art form and as a social science.

This category is an opportunity for architects, theorists, students, and enthusiasts from other professions to contribute to a wider conversation about the role of architecture in society and its potential to drive cultural and environmental change.


Useful information for registration

What is the Text's category timetable?

This category will take place in two phases.

Phase I

Develop a research idea in the form of an abstract and register it using the submission form on the website, following the awards calendar.

Phase II

The jury will select a series of abstracts that will develop their idea in the form of an essay in English by the 30th of September 2024. The authors of the selected abstracts will be notified by email by the organising team.

Who can participate in this category?

This category is open to anyone interested in theoretical and critical discourse, regardless of the field in which they work, and who resides in Romania, Hungary, or Serbia, or has graduated from a university in the three countries.

Before you start the Beta Awards registration process, we recommend reading the rules and application guide carefully.

To register for the Beta Awards you will need to complete the application form for the Text category. Please prepare in advance all necessary data and materials for submission.

For the Text category, please download the following layout: Layout_03_TEXT

In writing the abstract and subsequently the final text, please respect the following:

  • keep to a maximum of 2500 characters including spaces for the abstract / 20 000 characters including spaces for the final text;
  • use the fonts exactly as provided in the layout (sizes and styles);
  • the text will contain an image representative of the paper, which you will also need to upload to the submission form. Image size 1400 x 960 px.
  • add the author's name and the title of the work;
  • the text must be written in English;
  • please use the "Oxford" citation system - reference to the source with footnote option (the rules of this system can be found here).

After completing the layout please export it as a .pdf file and upload it to the application form.