Q&A Beta Awards

The Q&A session for the Beta 2024 Awards is now closed!

Below you can find the answers to your questions. If during the competition you still have questions or encounter problems in the registration process, please write to [email protected].

Suppose you are not a resident of Romania, Hungary, or Serbia. In that case, you can submit projects if you have graduated from a university or your project is located in one of the three countries.

Product design projects can be entered in the Endeavours category. Projects in the following areas can be entered into the Endeavours category: cultural, architectural education, participatory initiatives, public policy, new materials, material studies, product design, guided tours, summer schools, creative camps, and research projects.

In the photography category, an entry consists of a series of four images, that are related to or have a critical view on the theme of this year's biennial cover me softly.. Entries with more or fewer images/entry will not be considered, but you may enter more than one photographic series of four images each.

Yes, the Urban Studies subcategory can be used for both implemented and non-implemented projects, including general urban planning-type projects that are in the approval process.

Yes, the Public Space category is open to both public administrations and urban planners or architects who are authorized to practice in their country of residence.

The website images don't need to be on the exhibition panel. However, it is important to know that only the exhibition panel will be displayed in the public space if the project is selected.

Participants are free to present their project as they see fit, as long as the main areas of the layout are respected: top - representative image of the project; bottom - explanatory pieces of the project. The written information on the project panel will be automatically generated based on the data entered in the form.

Through this event, we try to promote interdisciplinarity, so graduation projects such as landscape design, urban design, architecture, interior design or arts can be submitted to this category, as long as the Bachelor's or Master's thesis is related to the built or urban environment.

Landscape projects can also be submitted to the Public Space category if they are implemented or in the process of being implemented as strategies, and if it is a speculative project, it can be submitted to the Endeavours category.

Yes, this category is open to anyone interested in theoretical, critical or documentary discourse, regardless of profession.