Beta 2024 theme launch event

Beta 2024 theme launch

More than 150 of you joined us on April 5 at the Garrison Command in Timisoara for the launch of the theme of the fifth edition of Beta - Timisoara Biennial of Architecture.

Curator Oana Stănescu introduced cover me softly, the theme of Beta 2024, in the presence of a local and international audience.

This year's main exhibition will take place at the Garrison Command in Libertății Square from 13 September to 27 October.

cover me softly

cover me softly, Beta 2024's main exhibition, is an exploration of the cover across disciplines, mediums and geographies. Contrary to notions of copying, stealing, imitation and bootlegging, which can each come with their own ethical slant, the cover offers an alternative set of relational vocabularies for understanding how knowledge transfers and structures of authorship circulate through art and design. Centering our vast interconnectedness, cover me softly opens up new realms of possibility for making, creating, and being.