Softcovers - AA Visiting School

The Softcovers residency will delve into the significance of making a cover in architecture, questioning the concepts of authorship, meaning and originality.

The first AA Visiting School of its kind in Eastern Europe, this interdisciplinary workshop will immerse participants in the historical and contemporary developments of Timișoara and offer a unique opportunity to influence current conversations related to public infrastructure, cultural development and new forms of design and making.

Registration is open until June 26:


During the 10-day residency, the participants will select an architectural "original" from Timișoara's specific urban landscape to re-contextualize it through their own voice. The projects will be ideated, designed and produced on-site, in-situ, in and around this new space in the city. Working with Space Saloon's ethos of 'architecture of availability', the projects will draw on found materials, reused spaces and alternative processes to expand the possibilities for creation.

Coordinators and guests

SPACE SALOON is a design lab on the move - a collective of architects, artists and researchers working with students to explore new frontiers for design education. They explore the potential of place by creating collaborative hands-on experiences. Their pedagogical projects build communities, promote tolerance and encourage engagement through the production of transdisciplinary forms of knowledge.

The Beta team collaborated with SPACE SALOON in 2023 for the RRRubble installation - make heaven out of what you have!


Centered around a villa by the Bega river, recently reclaimed by the municipality, the program includes a series of multidisciplinary and exploratory workshops by local and international guests, as well as guided walks and tours through the city.

Important: Students from Romania benefit from scholarships for the enrolment fee - for details please contact [email protected].