We are eager to present our intentions for the fifth edition of Beta - Timisoara Biennial of Architecture.

We invite you to meet the curatorial team: Oana Stănescu - curator, Chase Galis and Simina Marin - assistant curators, and hear from them the theme of this edition of the biennial.

Guests: Maria Lisogorskaya, Friedemann Heckel, Lara Lesmes și Fredrik Hellberg.

The talks will be followed by a DJ set in the garrison courtyard.

Financed by The Romanian Order of Architects through the architecture and co-financed by the Timișoara City Hall through the Center for Projects.

The presentation of the theme is made in the context of Loading Beta, which is part of the Beta project - Timisoara Architecture Biennial, organised by Romanian Order of Architects, Timis Territorial Branch, through a dedicated team - the Beta Team.