UrbanEye movie nights

During UrbanEye Movie Nights @Beta, you willl have the opportunity to watch 3 movies addressing the theme of sustainability and responsibility that each of us has towards the built environment and the natural environment. The screenings will take place at Faber, as follows:

October 5th – Do More with Less (2017 | 87 min | Ecuador, Spain)
Our attention is centered upon the contemporary Ecuadorian architecture in the context of a constant economic crisis, that determined this subject area to reinvent itself and search for an innovative method of using the underevaluated local resources.

October 6th – Natura Urbana (2017 | 71 min | Great Britain, Germany)
Vacant lands from Berlin are unique. They emerged as a result of war devastation, economic chaos and geopolitical division; these seeming empty areas transformed into laboratories for botanists, artists and common people who were in search of a peaceful moment.

October 7th – Anthropocene: The Human Epoch (2018 | 87 min | Canada)
In order to document the way in which humans dominate the planet, the directors of the movie went across the globe: from China with its dams that cover 60% of the coastlines, to Germany’s largest machines ever built, to the psychedelic potassium chloride mines found in the Ural mountains, to heavy-metal music festivals from the closed city of Norilsk, to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and finally, to the lithium emanations from the Atacama Desert.

The movies have got Romanian subtitles. The access is free of charge.

UrbanEye Film Festival takes place every year in November, in Bucharest and it offers the opportunity to start a discussion about the city and urban life.