Architecture tours

The Tur de Arhitectură events focus on overlooked architectural aspects but also on the interesting features of urban development, including visits to unusual locations and meetings with special people in order to gain greater visibility for the subjects and to raise awareness throughout the public sphere, because the built environment is the product of all who shape it directly (professionals in the field of architecture) or indirectly (the general public) and it “belongs” to all who use it. In this sense, we all have the moral duty to be interested and to act in a conscious and responsible way. The built environment is the mirror of the community that created it and the material, spatial and cultural product of the people, that requires our attention.

Cultural project 2020

The 5th edition of the cultural project will take place this year in October, within the Timișoara Architecture Biennial (BETA), with the support of: ROHOST, Costin Bleotu, Andrei Dracea and Alex Iliescu.

Beta 2020 tours:
The old way of habitation – Elisabetin and its parks (October 3rd)
Modern architecture – Beyond Bauhaus (October 4th)
Space and perception – Educational buildings (October 17th)
The public squares and the city map – Heritage on hold (October 18th)
Estates and tenants – Family tree (October 25th)