Pottery and blacksmith workshops

The blacksmith and pottery workshops will happen in parallel, together with craftsmen Gaëtan le Gall accompanied by his apprentices Sebastien Bridonneau, Brendan Olivier and Daniel Ifrim.

Both events will consist of two parts: a demonstration that anyone can watch (there can be as many people as possible, provided they can see what is happening) and a practical part, in which people can get a hands-on experience – with a maximum of 2 assisted participants for the blacksmith workshop and 1 participant assisted by the potter, for the pottery workshop. Normally, anyone interested can get to each of the workshops. Ideally, the participants should have their hair tied at the back and proper shoes (not sandals).

For registration, please select one of the workshop and fill in the form.

Pottery workshop with Daniel Ifrim


Blacksmith workshop with Gaëtan le Gall

We have Gaëtan le Gall as a blacksmith trainer: an experienced blacksmith, who worked in Poitiers, Montpellier, Bruxelles, L’ile de la Reunion, Lyon, Strasbourg, Reims and Bordeaux before coming to Țibănești. Originally from Langoat, Gaëtan formed professionally in the prestigious association “Les Compagnons du Devoir” and over time created dozens of metal and wrought iron products, participated in restoration works and specialized competitions. The blacksmith team prepares a demonstration and is waiting for those eager to venture into the secrets of iron forging, with practical demonstrations of forging different objects to which everyone can participate.

Daniel Ifrim, experienced potter from Schitu Stavnic is a collaborator of the project “We forge the iron at the manor!” for over 5 years, conducting an entire series of demonstrations, objects and training strategies for the students part of the project. Daniel burns the pottery in an archaic oven, following a process in which each step is traditionally made.