Timișoara City Hall


”Asociația de la 4” is a non-governmental and non-profit organization of students from The Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Timișoara. Well-known for its conferences, exhibitions, workshops, training programmes, competitions and leisure activities, A4 becomes an entity that promotes an alternative education to the academic one.

Art Encounters Foundation (AE)

The vision of the Art Encounters Foundation is to become a meeting point for people, ideas, cultures, communities, and to create an open platform for contemporary art in connection with both the city of Timișoara and the global art scene. The public is encouraged to explore the field of art and to engage in a permanent knowledge exchange.


Aquatim Company provides water supply and sewerage services in Timișoara and in other towns from Timiș County. The foundation’s main aims are: to raise awareness about the relevance of industrial architecture, especially of the water plants it manages, and to increase the level of responsibility towards “water” as an important resource for the citizens of Timișoara.

The Romanian Landscape Architects Association - AsoP

The Romanian Landscape Architects Association – AsoP supports the profession of landscape architects by contributing to its regulations and its promotion, both nationally and internationally. Moreover, the organization is involved in the development of the field of landscape design and in raising awareness among the public regarding the landscape and environmental issues, equally natural and human-made.

Association of Belgrade architects / Belgrade International Architectural Week (BINA)

Belgrade Cultural Association is a nonprofit organization that aims to connect artist, scientists and all other who are interested in the promotion of culture and cultural exchange. We have more than 1100 members in Serbia, and about 500 members from all around the World. Also, our goal is promotion of Serbian medieval culture and cultural achievements of Belgrade as a capital of Serbia.

Centar Za Arhitekturu Beograd

The Centre for Architecture Belgrade is an independent organisation, acting as the national centre for sustainable development in the field of architecture, urban planning, habitation and related areas. We persistently address our colleagues and broad public through organization or participation in various conferences, exhibitions, lectures and other events.

The Timiș County Council

The Timiș County Council (CJT) is the authority of the local public administration in Romania, at the level of the Timiș County, for the coordination of the activity of communal and city councils, with the aim of performing public services of county interest

CRIES - Resource Center for Ethical Initiatives and Solidarity

CRIES is one of the first organizations in Romania, involved in the advancement and development of the concept of social and united economy. Our vision is that of a fair society, from a social point of view; a society that is based on a responsible economy and a democratic model of governance that encourages and supports the participation of citizens within communities, including those coming from vulnerable groups.

DaNS - Association of Architects of Novi Sad

DaNS – Association of Architects of Novi Sad is an independent professional organization of architects, voluntarily associated as members, which has been operating in Novi Sad since 1960. The goal of the organization is to articulate and represent the professional, professional and social interests of its members in order to affirm, improve and protect architecture and urbanism as a discipline through whose creation the culture of the built environment materializes.

“De-a Arhitectura” Association

“De-a Arhitectura” Association aims to develop and promote architecture and built environment education, in order to raise awareness and to recognize the values of architecture, design and urbanism. By understanding these values by different categories of public, the goal is to increase the quality of the built environment from urban and rural areas

The Directorate for Culture of the Timiş County

The Directorate for Culture of the Timiş County, as a decentralized public service of the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, with legal personality, has as a main objective to ensure the terms for the exercise of educational rights and for the access to culture for all the citizens in Timiș County, no matter their religion, race or gender and in accordance with their freely expressed choices.

Global Footprint Network

Global Footprint Network, an international nonprofit organization founded in 2003, envisions a future where all can thrive within the means of our one planet. We enable our vision through our mission: to help end ecological overshoot by making ecological limits central to decision-making.

Future Architecture

Future Architecture is the first pan-European platform of architecture museums, festivals and producers, bringing ideas on the future of cities and architecture closer to the wider public. It connects multi-disciplinary emerging talents to high profile institutions like museums, galleries, publishing houses, biennials, and festivals. 

TRIADE Foundation

The TRIADE Foundation was founded in 2000, by the sculptor Peter JECZA, a notable figure in the artistic life of Banat/ Romania. The foundation, functioning in an institutional form, continues to follow Jecza’s intentions from the past ten years, which are to solidify around the art that is practiced by the sculptor, other forms of expressions and to create an artistic intercommunication space. 

French Institute from Timișoara

The French Institute from Timișoara, is part of the French-speaking cultural network from Romania and at a larger scale, from Central and Eastern Europe. The institute spreads and stimulates the practice of French language through a range of general and specialized courses, through constant actions of linguistic cooperation and through cultural projects. 

Kortárs Építészeti Központ / Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK)

The Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre – KÉK is an independent professional organisation founded in 2006 with the aim of opening new perspectives in architectural and urban thinking in Hungary. 

PRIN BANAT Association

PRIN BANAT Association was founded in 2016, as a natural extension of the editorial project with the same title, aiming to document and promote local values and cultural tourism in the historical Banat region (which, today, is expanding across Romania, Serbia and Hungary).


Responsible Event Trade Mark

The “Responsible Event” trade mark will place the spotlight on those events that will know how to improve their socio-economic and environmental impact, to the same extent that they entertain the public.

Union of Architects of Serbia

Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

The Faculty of Horticulture and Forestry is part of the Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. In 2020 the University (USAMVBT) celebrated 75 years of existence. The university offers many different fields of study, out of which we can mention bachelor and masters studies in Landscape architecture and Urban EcoDesign.

Urban Eye

UrbanEye is a platform for ideas based on the link between the city and cinema, opening the dialogue about the places we live in. As an inexhaustible source of history, the city is, ever since the appearance of cinema, the subject or the ideal framework for film directors. At the same time, the cinematic art has great influence in framing one’s perception of the built environment.


The Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism from Timișoara

The main mission of The Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism from Timișoara, is to constantly develop the educational process, the activities regarding research and design, and to ensure a technological and managerial growth, all in accordance with the advancement that occurs at a national and international level.

Architecture Education at Széchenyi István University, Győr Hungary

Architecture education in Győr grew into a significant institution around the turn of the Millennium. The enthusiastic community of professionally respected local architects joined forces with some of the greatest minds of the field from around the country to found a new program for students, whose interest lies in architecture. 

Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism

“Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning is the main state university dedicated to training specialists in the field of architecture and urbanism. At the same time, it is the oldest institution of this type from Romania, being the replacement of the successive forms of architectural education initiated in 1892 by “The School of Architecture” which was founded by the Romanian Architects Society

Romanian National News Agency - Agerpres


Építészfórum is the most prominent Hungarian-based online architecture magazine. It focuses on subjects related to architecture, the built environment, technology, design and it provides an open forum for the culture of Hungarian and international architecture.




Radio Guerrilla



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