Open call for temporary architectural installation in 700 Market

“Privește orașul” is launching an open call for ideas for a temporary architectural installation in 700 Market from Timișoara.

Architecture represents a cultural act of public interest, with urbanistic, economic, social and environmental implications. In order to intensify and consolidate the cultural dimensions of architecture, adapting the architecture education to the trends of the socio-economic and cultural environment is essential, along with promoting the regional cultural identity at both national and international levels.

Considering all of these, The Timiș Territorial Branch of the Romanian Order of Architects proposes a call for ideas for 700 Market (Timișoara), in which people from Romania, Serbia and Hungary can participate. The main aim of the competition is choosing a solution for a temporary architectural installation that would vitalize and regenerate the 700 Market, while enhancing the valences of public space. Thus, it is desirable to change the perception of the 700 Market through an intervention that would allow a positive interaction of its users with the space. The open call is launched on June 25th, and the deadline for submitting projects is August 1st 2021, at 16:00- Romanian hour.

Contrary to its position in the city and in the proximity of the center of Timișoara, the current state of the market, both physically and in terms of perception, is one of anonymity. The spatial complexity, the historical value and the commercial structure that formed – allow and guarantee more than that.  The number of people that pass through it daily, also demand more. It only requires a minimal exercise of imagination to realize the potential that the 700 Market has as a “meeting place”, as a breathing public space – with significance for the community and for the city.

The maximum budget for the implementation of the winning project is 30.000 euro. This amount includes exhaustively all production costs, including assembly and installation. 

Three prizes will be awarded, as follows: the first prize worth 5000 euro, awarded to the winning project and two mentions worth 500 euro each.

The following criteria will be taken into account: coherence and strength of the concept, creativity and expressiveness of the design and of the proposed scenario of use, congruence with the competition brief, capacity to adapt to the competition brief requirements, constructive feasibility of the concept, rationality and justification of the estimated budget.

The entire competition regulations can be consulted here:

“Privește orașul” open call is being organized by The Timiș Territorial Branch of the Romanian Order of Architects in collaboration with Timișoara European Capital of Culture Association.