Beta x USVT Young Naturalists Station

Stațiunea Tinerilor Naturaliști educates and instructs visitors of all ages, but especially children, about where food comes from, how it is produced, and the people involved in the production of different foods.

The farms within the resort extend over 12 hectares with a dendrological park, domestic animals, lake with water lilies, modern vegetable and flower greenhouses, ponds, acacia forest, field crops, and roses. The resort encourages visitors to "connect" to the origins of the food they eat, but also to some of the technology that makes production efficient and food safe.

By bike

We encourage you to come by bike to our events. You can come to the Young Naturalists Station on the bike path along the Bega river bank.

By tram / bus

In front of the entrance to the Young Naturalists' Station is the Rozelor station. The bus lines passing through this station are: 21, 28, E8, 4B and tram 1. This is a convenient and affordable option, but make sure you check the timetables and available lines to plan accordingly.

By car

If you choose to come by car, there are several parking spaces on the street. However, we warn you that they are limited.