„New Tradition. At a table with architecture and art from South Tyrol” exhibition

The exhibition concept rests upon the well-known hospitality of South Tyrol by expressing its cultural and multi-lingual character. As being a three-language speaking region, with a many faceted cultural scene, the exhibition aims to extend an invitation at the common table. Visitors take a seat at the big table, where architectonical and artistic dishes are served (exhibited). Tradition, re-interpretation and creative outwork are listed on the menu. Mahlzeit (German), Buon appetito (Italian), Bun Apetit (Ladin).

David Calas
Lisa Trockner

Selected architecture projects:
*roland baldi architects | Fire Station Pflersch
*bergmeisterwolf architekten | Hotel Pacher
*Veronika Mayr | Wineatelier Unterganzner
*Messner Architects | Unesco Viewpoint
*Plasmastudio | Strata
*Peter Pichler Architecture | Oberholz
*Christian Schwienbacher | Apatment D
*Totronic | Vierschach Bridge

Selected art works:
*Elisa Alberti | Snowballsystem I, II
*Mirijam Heiler | 46 31 17.26
*Thomas Huck | Das disappeared Valley
*Martin Kargruber | Transmitter mast, Field, Stable
*Arthur Kostner | Landscape in red
*Giancarlo Lamonaca | The other realism
*Josef Rainer | Structure 1,2,3
*Maria Walcher | Fuge

Südtiroler Künstlerbund (SKB), founded in 1946, stands for the South Tyrolean Artists Association. South Tyrol is a trilingual (German/Italian/Ladin) region, located in the north part of Italy in proximity to the Austrian border. The association counts 400 active members, spanning three generations of visual artists, architects, writers and composers. SKB operates as an open forum, linking artists and different cultural approaches. Also organizing, developing and realizing continuously local and international exhibitions, events, projects, awards in its own Galleries, in other exhibition spaces in the region and other countries.

Production: Südtiroler Künstlerbund

Ordinul Arhitecților din România, Filiala Teritorială Timiș
Primăria Municipiului Timișoara Casa de cultură a Municipiului Timișoara

Ordinul Arhitecților din România Timbrul de arhitectură
Primăria Municipiului Timișoara Casa de cultură a Municipiului Timișoara