„Heritage Responsibility” Symposium

The international symposium Heritage Responsibility is an event during our calendar that plays an important role since it will bring together national and international experts with experience in research and heritage protection, discussing the importance of adapting heritage to socio-economic reality and environmental change. It proposes to question the responsibility of the built environment with historical value, both from the perspective of social, cultural and ecological responsibility on it, and from the perspective of the relationship between the built environment with historical value and climate change. Due to the importance of the topic, the symposium is an effort to anchor local projects and actors in the field of heritage safeguarding and research, to international discourse, facilitating dialogue and exchange of good practices in the field.

Event organized with PRIN BANAT Association as part of Heritage of Timișoara project.

I am part of a generation that celebrates diversity, that is eager to express its culture and creativity, and for whom the digital revolution created a new way of life. We are aware that climate change is a real and urgent challenge. We are concerned about poverty, social inequality and the quality of life in Romania, in Europe and throughout the world. A generation that knows we must act responsibly. For the past 10 years, I have been involved in educational, social and cultural projects in the public, private and non-governmental sectors. I have taught at “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning in Bucharest, I have worked at the National Institute of Heritage and, in 2016, I was a counsellor for the Ministry of Culture. I am currently a counsellor at the European Parliament and I work in the field of built heritage. In 2012 I co-founded Arché Association with the purpose of raising interest in culture and cultural heritage. The organization is currently a member of Europa Nostra and is carrying out projects in urban and rural areas, at local, national and international level