Future of Architecture Practice, Today

There are countless projections on the future of the architecture practice and even more unfinished discussions on what should be the role (and responsibilities) of an architect nowadays. At this very second, when asking on Google what is the future of the architecture profession? you can find more than 108 million results, a never-ending news feed.

What may look like uncertainty is definitely a challenge to be explored. From professional organizations to architecture magazines and individuals, everyone is asking these questions and of all the possible answers, we, at Beta (Timișoara Architecture Biennial), want to promote those who are addressing responsibility, inconvenience and proactiveness.

Architects can be storytellers of past, future and present time. They can raise awareness regarding the urgent current state we live in and be activists or paradigm shifters. They can be researchers and discover new paths for this profession and definitely architects can take initiative. The event Future of Architecture Practice, Today will gather professionals that will share some of theirs today’s approaches for tomorrow’s architecture.

This event is part of the Future Architecture Platform programme.

No registration is needed for this event, but we recommend you attend the Facebook event or follow our page in order to be notified when we go live.

Gianpiero Venturini is the founder of Itinerant Office and curator of the New Generations Festival. Itinerant Office curates events, exhibitions, and publications, facilitating exchange of knowledge supported by a multi-disciplinary network. IO develops strategies, research, and architectural projects, including “Past, Present, Future: about being an architect yesterday, today, and beyond”, Re-Act: Tools for Urban Re-Activation”, “Architects VS Rest of the World”. Before establishing Itinerant Office, Gianpiero worked in the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, and Spain for internationally-renowned offices such as FABRICations in Amsterdam and Kengo Kuma and Associates (KKAA) in Tokyo. Gianpiero, Master of Science in Architecture by the Politecnico di Milano”, is the curator of the Festival New Generations, and author of the book “ATLAS of emerging practices: being an architect in the 21st century”. Gianpiero has contributed to a wide array of both online and printed architectural magazines such as Abitare, Domus, Interni Magazine, and urbanNext.

Itinerant Office: IG,  FB.

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The Unfolding Pavilion is an expanding curatorial project that pops-up in the occasion of major architecture events, with an exhibition featuring each time a different theme inspired by the space it occupies, made of commissioned original works that react to it as well as to its cultural and historic background. The Unfolding Pavilion doesn’t necessarily care about the theme of the event it parasitises: it allows its hosting space to inspire its own theme. Without an exhibition space of the finest architectural making, the Unfolding Pavilion doesn’t have any reason to exist. Complementing its physical enactment, the Unfolding Pavilion also materialises in digital space with a website gathering archival material and all the contents of the exhibition itself. Once an edition ends, the Unfolding Pavilion starts all over again in view of another major architecture event, searching for another space to occupy and for another topic to address. In 2018, the Unfolding Pavilion was recognized by the international magazines Dezeen, Blueprint, Metropolis or The Architectural Review, as one of the top venues of the Venice Architecture Biennale. Before, during and after its closure, it has been reviewed and positively criticised by art and architecture magazines from the UK, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Chile, Austria, The Netherlands and the US. The third edition of the Unfolding Pavilion, titled Rituals of Solitude, is curated by Daniel Tudor Munteanu and Davide Tommaso Ferrando, and will open on November 21st, 2020.

The team, from left to right: Ana Munteanu, Magda Vieriu, Tina Damiani, Davide Tommaso Ferrando (curator), Sara Favargiotti (curator), Daniel Tudor Munteanu (curator), Octavian Hrebenciuc.

Photo by: Nicolò Galeazzi. © atelier XYZ.

Will Jennings is a visual artist, writer, curator and educator working at the intersection of architectures and the built landscape with wider cultural, economic, political and historical concerns. With degrees in architecture and fine art photography, he worked for a number of years in conservation architecture on historically important buildings and landscapes, before later taking a Research Masters in architecture and neoliberalism to more deeply critique the relationship between the city and dominant political and cultural forces. He has been involved in architectural and fine art education at the Architectural Association, UCL Bartlett, University of the Arts London, University of East London and other institutions, and has broad experience in cultural and event programming, including walking tours, panel discussions, festivals, screenings and lectures. He has written for a range of publications including the Guardian, Dezeen, The Journal of Civic Architecture, and Landscape Journal. A book of his collected architectural writings and visual projects is published by Canalside Press in 2021. As a Fellow of the 2020 Future Architecture Platform, Will has been involved with a variety of projects across the European architectural cultural landscape, including with MAXXI Museum in Rome, the Oslo Architecture Triennale, the book Archifutures Volume 6 published by Barcelona’s DPR, Architektūros fondas in Vilnius, and here for the BETA Timișoara Architecture Biennial.