Film screening: Demain (2015, 1h 58min, France)

With humanity threatened by the collapse of ecosystems, journalist and NGO director Cyril Dion, and actress and movie director Melanie Laurent, together with a small production team, embark on a journey around the world, in search of a solution that can save their children and provide them a sustainable future.

For almost a century, the dream of progress that was born in the context of industrialization, often called “the American Dream”, changed the way in which we live, faster than any other discovery that occurred in history. Although in most of Europe this dream is no longer a standard of perfection, it still inspires the visions of developing countries. The movie aims to capture this dream precisely and it is structured in 5 parts:

1.Feeding ourselves
2.The third industrial revolution
3.Open currencies and thriving local economies
5.Power of the people

What distinguishes this movie from other documentaries that address similar subjects, is the ambition to reveal the problems that are affecting the humanity, but from a different perspective. This movie is of a positive nature and offers solutions that help building a brighter future. What we know for sure is that one answer alone will not be enough, thus the mobilization must be public, multicultural and international.

Movie title: Tomorrow
Directors: Melanie Laurent&Cyril Dion
Written by: Cyril Dion
Associate Producer: Bruno LEVY
French Distributor: Mars distribution
Narrators (voice-over): Melanie Laurent&Cyril Dion

Technical Team
Photography director: Alexandre Leglise
Production manager: Sylvie Peyre
Sound: Laurent Cercleux

In collaboration with the French Institute