Conference by Leo van Broeck on land use and public policies in architecture

In relation to the “Enough is Enough” exhibition we propose an online event, in 2 parts: a presentation given by the architect Leo van Broeck (Flemish Government Architect) on public policies and territorial development, joined by the following invited professionals:

_Grațian Mihăilescu – emphasising about the city as a living urban ecosystem/organism, made up of several communities and stakeholders, which all together contribute to its sustainable development,

_Marian-Constantin Vasile – covering the subject of circular economy in the context of smart cities and regions,

_Alexandru Găvozdea – who will talk about the Romanian Order of Architects efforts on the subject of public architecture politics (in general) and about the efforts related to legislation (in particular).

The event will take place online, in English. Follow this link to attend.  The participation is free and open to everyone.



18:00-18:05 – Beta organizers introduction (including the introduction of the speaker)
18:05-18:50 – Leo van Broeck presentation on public policies and territorial development
18:50-18:53 – Beta organizers introduction of the 1st guest
18:53-19:05 – Grațian Mihăilescu – ideas on the city as a living urban ecosystem
19:05-19:08 – Beta organizers introduction of the 2nd guest
19:08-19:20 – Marian-Constantin – ides on the subject of circular economy 
19:20-19:23 – Beta organizers introduction of the 3rd guest
19:23-19:30 – Alexandru Găvozdea – ideas on the OAR’s efforts on the subject of public architecture policies and legislation
19:30-20:00 – Moderated discussion (by Leo van Broeck) with the 3 guests
20:00-20:15 – Q&A session with the public



As co-founder of BOGDAN & VAN BROECK, Leo is advocating for an attractive, dense, and highly qualitative urban space, and is actively contributing to raising awareness on sustainable development and land-use beyond the world of architecture. From 2016 till 2020, Leo promoted the architectural quality of the built environment and advised public patrons in the design and realisation of buildings, public space, landscape and infrastructure as Flemish Government Architect (Vlaams Bouwmeester). In 2019, upon request from the Belgian Youth for Climate movement, Leo was co-editor in a multidisciplinary Expert Panel aiming at strengthening environmental policies by providing scientific advice for the transition towards a more sustainable living environment.

PhD in Engineering & Management on Smart City and Smart Region Development since 2019. Specialist in Circular Economy since 2018. Experienced in multidisciplinary Management, both private and public sectors. “Magna cum laude” in education. Nine years in Siemens VDO and Continental Automotive Romania, of which five as Quality Manager. Four years in public managerial and representation jobs (i.e. Vice-President of County, Adviser to Mayor, President of Economic & Regional Development Committee in the Assembly of European Regions). Former Deputy GM of a medium-large company. Business and management consultant since 2016. 

Grațian has national and international experience for over 12 years in the field of development, communication, public politics and innovation. He studied and worked in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Serbia and the USA, being a fellow of the European Commission, collaborating with organizations such as the World Bank, the Government of Romania or the Assembly of European Regions. In 2019 he earned the PhD title in Political Sciences at the West University of Timișoara, with a qualitative study on cities  as urban ecosystems, in which citizens involved generate development. Grațian is the founder of UrbanizeHub, a community of passionate and involved people, with a varied expertise, people who want to change the face of cities in a SMART and sustainable way.  UrbanizeHub organizes events, launches reports and studies, offers guidance for development and training for innovation and creativity, and performs community interventions at the level of CSR and social innovation.

Alexandru Găvozdea founded the architectural office a. plan (2006). He graduated from the

University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu in Bucharest in 2004 and received a Master degree in Conservation of Built Heritage in 2007. He is a certified urban planner by the Romanian Urbanists’ Register (2007; 2009) and assessor for the court of law, certified by the Ministry of Justice (2011).

He served as treasurer of the Sibiu-Vâlcea chapter of the Romanian Order of Architects from

2010 to 2013 and treasurer of the OAR between 2013-2014, president of the Sibiu-Vâlcea

chapter from 2014 until May 2018. As a member of the National Council of the OAR from 2010 to 2018, he contributed significantly in the workgroups for internship definition, internal control mechanism, branding, transformation process and the Cost Information System with its precalculus model for architectural fees.

He was elected president of the Romanian Order of Architects on the 1st of July, 2018.

Jury member for the International Young Architect’s Meeting 2017, competition organized by the Architects’ Chamber of Antalya, Turkey, he stood as chairman of the most recent two editions of the international architecture and engineering forum and conference SHARE and as member of the board of the most recent edition of the Romanian Building Awards.