AMAIS – Empathy workshop

In Romania, people with disabilities are facing a strong phenomenon of (auto)isolation. The subjective causes of this phenomenon are related to the attitudes the typical people have towards people with disabilities, and the objective ones are related to the built environment, which is inaccessible and hostile. Our Association wants to increase the level of empathy and awareness towards vulnerable groups, using as main resources the built environment and technology.

About AMAIS: “AMAIS creates socialization contexts between typical people and people with disabilities. We manage to do this through architectural design and consulting services based on inclusive design principles and by organizing inclusive events with people with disabilities and professionals from fields, that have an impact on mobility and independence.”

About Studio Mud: “This is our serious playground. A space for self-knowledge and expression, a space for free manifestation and opportunities of interaction. We want it to be uncensored and personal. We would like to push the limit of liveliness, to be a bit more surreal. And if it wasn’t for all the above mentioned reasons, Mud would exist only because everyone deserves beautiful porcelain objects.”

Through this event, AMAIS together with Studio Mud and Beta team, consider the responsibility the architects have towards vulnerable groups, for which, sometimes, they may create obstacles without even knowing.

The Senseability events started in 2015 during Bucharest Architecture Annual. Through these events, we transform existing spaces into socio-cultural platforms, meeting spaces between people with visual impairments and typical people, using a multisensory approach. The empathy workshop Senseability, represents a different experience of the exhibition for the participants, which is based on touch, hearing and smell. At the same time, it represents an invitation for debate and dialogue on important subjects for architects, such as: empathy, social responsibility and built environment as a tool for generating community cohesion.

The workshop consists of three parts:

– guided tours, without seeing, in groups of two (a typical participant and a visually impaired participant);

– ceramics workshop with Studio Mud – imprinting with vegetal textures;

– experience sharing and Q&A session. Participation at this event is free of charge and requires registration.

The number of places is limited – 10 people, thus participation also requires a selection process.

Click here for the registration form.

AMAis is a NGO founded in 2015 that aims to increase empathy and awareness towards vulnerable groups by using the built environment as the main resource. They intend to develop alternative methods for social integration by adopting a multi-disciplinary approach in the implementation of social and cultural projects.